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We are providing the vietnamese delightful foods like Noodles, Rice, Appetizer, Canned Drinks, Viet Drinks, Beer & Wine, Pork, Chicken, Seafood
Phở Bồ Viên Nam
Slice beef with ball (dry / soup)

Clear soup with delicate flavor of herbs and beef. Noodles in steaming broth beneath.

Com Suon
(A) Pork outlet
(B) Pork
(C) Beef
(D) Chicken – Rice

Sweet & Saty, generous portion of pork chops marinated & grilled or beef fried. A hearty rice dish server with fresh greens & soup of the day.

Núi Xôi
(A) Beef
(B) Pork
(C) Chicken – Macaroni

A hearty meal of macaroni tooped with Stir-fried beef / pork / chicken plus a dash of pepper served with homemade sweet chilli sauce.

Bún Chả Giò
(A) Spring Roll
(B) Beef
(C) Chicken
(D) Pork
(E) Pork cutlet
(F) Vegetarian – Vermicelli

Deep fried special spring roll richy Stuffed and prawn, pork, black fungus, Bean and yam, served with vermicelli and homemmade chilli sauce.
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Phở Tài
Sliced beef noodle (dry / soup)

A classic Vietnamese meal of beef slice & rice noodle bathed in clear soup with delicate flavour of herbs and beef that belies its rich flavor.

Phở Ga
Chicken noodle (dry / soup)

The natural flavor of chicken in clear delicate herbal soup base with fresh spring onions. A traditional light dish that is gentle & comforting for the stomach.

Goi Cuon

Rice Spring roll-rice paper wrapped with bundles of shrimp, pork, rice noodle, lettuce and fresh mint, served with homemade chilli sauce.

2 pcs – $4.00
4 pcs – $7.00
Cha Gio

Deep friend spring roll richy stuffed With prawn, pork, back fungus, bean, Yam and homemade chilli sauce. A satisfying and crunchy snack.

Regular: 3 pcs – $4.00
Large: 5 pcs – $6.00
Goi Cuon & Cha Gio

Mixed platter – combination of 2 pcs rice spring roll & 3 pcs crispy spring roll served with homemade chilli sause. A platter to share.

Mixed platter – $7.00
Canh Ga Chiến Nuoc Mam

Honey glazed chicken wing aromatic and juicy

Regular: 2 pcs – $4.00
Large: 4 pcs – $8.00
Drinks (Homemade)

Vietnam reowned cafe Trung Nguyen

Trà xanh (nóng) $2.00
Cafe da (Cà phê đá) $3.00
Cafe Sua da (Cà phê sữa đá) $3.00
Cafe sua nong (Cà phê sữa nóng) $2.50
Cafe den (Cà phê đen) $2.50
Trà đen (Trà / trà sữa nóng) $2.50
Trà chanh da (Trà chanh đá) $2.50
Nước chanh với mận chua (Ice / Hot) $2.50
Lemon lúa mạch (Ice / Hot) $2.50
Canned Drinks
Pepsi $2.00
Coca cola $2.00
Coke Zero $2.00
7up $2.00
100plus $2.00
Soya bean $2.00
Green Tea $2.00
Chrysanthemum tea $2.00
Mineral water $2.00
Ice water $2.00
Coconut juice $2.00
(Can / Bottle)
Heineken $5.00 / $.700
Tiger $5.00 / $.700
Saigon bottle (red / green) $5.00 / $.700
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